Closing session

Closing session Details will be posted soon. Please check back.

Closing Dinner and Party – De Hemel

On Saturday 27 August, we end the LIMES 2022 congress with a fantastic dinner at a unique location in Nijmegen: Restaurant De Hemel, in St. John’s Commandry. Situated in the heart of Nijmegen, the St. John’s Commandry is a monumental building which was built over 800 years ago, to give travelling pelgrims  a place to rest […]

29. Cult & religious practices

29. Cult & religious practices Dr. Ivan Radman-Livaja Affiliation: Archaeological Museum in Zagreb Time Presenter (s) Presentation 09.00 Introduction 09.20 Anton Ye Baryshnikov Of pigs and borders: lost in translation, found in interpretation? 09.40 Ozren Domiter The Danube Horsemen Cult 10.00 Koos Rauws The dea nutrix along the Roman Limes   COFFEE BREAK 10.50 Ivan […]

37. Roman Britain

37. Roman Britain Dr. Tanja Romankiewics Affiliation: University of Edinburgh Time Presenter (s) Presentation 09.00 Tanja Romankiewicz Introduction 09.20 Amanda Hardman The Integration of Public Baths into Post-Military Colonia and Civitas Capitals in Roman Britain 09.40 Pete Wilson Dying outside the gates 10.00 Tatiana Ivleva An academic versus a craftsperson: A story of ups and […]

35. New research Dacia

35. New research Dacia Dr. Rada Varga Affiliation: Babes-Bolyai University The present session brings forth a series of new researches and undertakings regarding the limes and military life in province Dacia. Ranging from questions of provincial borders to analyses of Roman camps, and from contextualization of small finds to interpretation of monumental inscriptions, the presentations highlight […]

5. Feeding the frontier

5. Feeding the frontier. Agricultural economies, productive potential, and predictive modelling Saturday, 27 August, Karolingenzaal Session Chair:  Laura Kooistra Affiliation: Session Abstract: The provisioning of the army and the role of the local population in supplying food has already been the subject of discussion for decades. For a long time, historical sources and the marginal […]

27. Brickyards of the Roman Army

27. Brickyards of the Roman Army Eckhard Deschler-Erb & Clarissa Agricola Affiliation: Universität zu Köln, Germany Affiliation of co-organiser: Universität zu Köln, Germany Session Abstract: The Roman army was not only an effective military machine, it was also a highly important economic force. Especially in newly conquered regions, the sapper units of the legions established […]

28. Revisiting Roman imports

28. Revisiting Roman imports beyond the frontier. Investigating processes of movement Thomas Schierl, Fraser Hunter, Szilvia Bíró & Thomas Grane  Affiliation: Mühlhausen Museums, Germany Affiliation of co-organiser: National Museum of Scotland, United Kingdom Affiliation of co-organiser: Museum Savaria, Szombathely (HU) Affiliation of co-organiser: National Museum of Denmark (DK) Session Abstract: Finds of Roman objects outside […]