From Rome to the Limes, from the Limes to Rome

From Rome to the Limes / From the Limes to Rome

Session Chairs: Tom Hazenberg & Robert Schmits
Affiliation: Limes Park B.V.

Session Abstract: In many European countries there are permanent archaeological parks where visitors are presented with living history by personnel that is dressed in Roman period clothing and with military shows by re-enactor groups. Many of these parks also have a proper museum on site where finds from archaeological excavations are exposed and the history of that place and the context of that place within the Roman province or empire is told in detail.

Some of the examples are: LVR-Archäologischer Park Xanten – Germany, Archeon – The Netherlands, Villa Borg – Germany, Römerstadt Carnuntum – Austria, Augusta Raurica – Switzerland, Amphitheatre of Nimes -France, etc.

In Italy and particularly in Rome there is no place were a quality mix of archaeology, living history and proper information about the heritage of the millions of visitors who visit Rome from all over the world is shown and told.

Our initiative is to create the LIMES Open Air Museum near Rome. During this session we will inform and show you what we intend to construct and display and how you as archaeologist coming from the various LIMES countries can contribute.