Welcoming Session

Time   08.30 Registration desk open 08.30-10.00 Welcoming coffee 10.00-12.00 Opening ceremony Chair: Jeroen van Zoolingen, Senior Archaeologist at the Municipality of The Hague 10.00-10.10 Harry van Enckevort, Chair of Scientific Committee of the 25th Limes Congress and Senior Archaeologist at the Municipality of Nijmegen – Welcome to the 25th Limes Congress 10.10-10.25 Rebecca Jones […]

Closing session

Closing Session   Closing Speech with directions for Congress Proceedings Announcement of the Awards: Best Paper Under 35 and Best Poster From Rome to the Limes, from the Limes to Rome Presentation of the 26th Limes Congress  Questions & Discussion Vote of Thanks: Rebecca Jones, & Andreas Thiel

28. Revisiting Roman imports

28. Revisiting Roman imports beyond the frontier. Investigating processes of movement Session Chairs: Thomas Schierl, Fraser Hunter, Szilvia Bíró & Thomas Grane Affiliation: Mühlhausen Museums, Germany Affiliation of co-organiser: National Museum of Scotland, United Kingdom Affiliation of co-organiser: Museum Savaria, Szombathely (HU) Affiliation of co-organiser: National Museum of Denmark (DK) Session Abstract: Finds of Roman […]

15. Rome’s hunger for metals

15. Rome’s hunger for metals. Roman mining in and outside the provinces and the part of the Roman military Session Chairs: Markus Scholz & Daniel Burger-Völlmecke Affiliation: Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Germany Affiliation of co-organiser: Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Germany Session Abstract: The development of raw material sources, especially mineral resources, was one of the main motives of Roman […]

1. Roman imperialism I

1. Roman imperialism and early frontier formation. The creation-reshuffling of tribal (id)entities Wednesday, 24 August 2022, Lindenbergzaal Session Chairs: Nico Roymans, Manuel Fernández-Götz & Erik Graafstal Affiliation: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands Affiliation of co-organiser: University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom Affiliation second co-organiser: city of Utrecht, the Netherlands Session Abstract: In the past decade Roman […]

32. Frontiers of the Roman Empire

32. Frontiers of the Roman Empire. World Heritage across three continents Session Chairs: Marinus Polak, René Ployer & Stéphanie Guédon Affiliation: Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands Affiliation of co-organiser: Bundesdenkmalamt Österreich, Austria Affiliation of second co-organiser: Université de Limoges Session Abstract: Since the early 2000s it has been the ambition to create a UNESCO World […]

19. Wall to Wall

Session Chair: Tony Wilmott Affiliation: Historic England, United Kingdom Session Abstract: Hadrian’s Wall and the Great Wall of China are the subject of a partnership developed between Historic England and the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage (CACH) under the title ‘Wall to Wall’. This is designed to share information and explore possibilities in the research, […]