From Rome to the Limes, from the Limes to Rome

From Rome to the Limes / From the Limes to Rome Session Chairs: Tom Hazenberg & Robert Schmits Affiliation: Limes Park B.V. Session Abstract: In many European countries there are permanent archaeological parks where visitors are presented with living history by personnel that is dressed in Roman period clothing and with military shows by re-enactor […]

37. Roman Britain

37. Roman Britain Session Chair: Dr. Tanja Romankiewics Affiliation: University of Edinburgh Time Presenter (s) Presentation 09.00 Amanda Hardman The Integration of Public Baths into Post-Military Colonia and Civitas Capitals in Roman Britain 09.20 Pete Wilson Dying outside the gates 09.40 Tatiana Ivleva An academic versus a craftsperson: A story of ups and downs in […]

22. Speaking of the dead

22. Speaking of the dead. Returning to funerary customs and grave goods from late Roman military burials Session Chairs: Vince Van Thienen & Sofie Vanhoutte Affiliation: Ghent University, Belgium Affiliation of co-organiser: Flanders Heritage Agency / Ghent University, Belgium Session Abstract: Fifty years after the publication of the late Roman graveyard at the Oudenburg fort […]

20. Basilica and churches

20. Basilica and churches in military outposts Session Chairs: Dominic Moreau & Ivan Gargano Affiliation: University of Lille, France Affiliation of co-organiser: University of Lille, France Session Abstract: In the absence of ancient texts describing the details of the process of Christianisation in the frontier regions of the Roman Empire, it is often very difficult […]

2. Organic Riches

2. Organic Riches. The impact of organic resources on Frontier research Wednesday, 24 August 2022, Yellow Room Session Chairs: Silke Lange & Carol van Driel-Murray Affiliation: BIAX Consult, the Netherlands Affiliation of co-organiser: Leiden University, the Netherlands Session Abstract: Although artefacts made of organic materials such as timber, leather and basketry have long attracted attention, […]

33. General Session II

33. General Session II Session Chair: Dr. Tatiana Ivleva Session abstract: The general session will deal with subjects that do not fit into the other sessions because of the issues raised.  Given the importance of these subjects, they deserve a place on the congress programme. Therefore, this session offers a wide range of interesting papers. Time […]

24. The Limes Moesiae-Scythiae

24. The Limes Moesiae-Scythiae, dynamic landscapes and places Session Chairs: Jonathan Quiery & Matthew Previto Affiliation: Durham University, United Kingdom Affiliation of co-organiser: Stanford University, United States of America Session Abstract: The development of the Roman Limes Moesiae/Scythiae between the first and seventh centuries CE wrought profound alterations to the landscape of the lower Danube. […]

34. New Research Moesia

Session Chair: Phil Nemanja Mrđić Affiliation: Institute of Archaeology Time Presenter (s) Presentation 09.00   Introduction 09.20 Nemanja Mrđić Legionary fortress at Viminacium and the Principia of the VII Claudia Legion 09.40 Piotr Zakrzewski What did and what did not change in the fortification system of Novae (Lower Moesia) – the legionary base of legio […]