37. Roman Britain

37. Roman Britain Dr. Tanja Romankiewics Affiliation: University of Edinburgh Time Presenter (s) Presentation 09.00 Tanja Romankiewicz Introduction 09.20 Amanda Hardman The Integration of Public Baths into Post-Military Colonia and Civitas Capitals in Roman Britain 09.40 Pete Wilson Dying outside the gates 10.00 Tatiana Ivleva An academic versus a craftsperson: A story of ups and […]

22. Speaking of the dead

22. Speaking of the dead. Returning to funerary customs and grave goods from late Roman military burials Session Chairs: Vince Van Thienen & Sofie Vanhoutte Affiliation: Ghent University, Belgium Affiliation of co-organiser: Flanders Heritage Agency / Ghent University, Belgium Session Abstract: Fifty years after the publication of the late Roman graveyard at the Oudenburg fort […]

20. Basilica and churches

20. Basilica and churches in military outposts Dominic Moreau & Ivan Gargano Affiliation: University of Lille, France Affiliation of co-organiser: University of Lille, France Session Abstract: In the absence of ancient texts describing the details of the process of Christianisation in the frontier regions of the Roman Empire, it is often very difficult to understand […]

2. Organic Riches

2. Organic Riches. The impact of organic resources on Frontier research Wednesday, 24 August 2022, Yellow Room Session Chairs: Silke Lange & Carol van Driel-Murray Affiliation: BIAX Consult, the Netherlands Affiliation of co-organiser: Leiden University, the Netherlands Session Abstract: Although artefacts made of organic materials such as timber, leather and basketry have long attracted attention, […]

33. General Session II

33. General Session II Session Chair: Dr. Tatiana Ivleva Session abstract: The general session will deal with subjects that do not fit into the other sessions because of the issues raised.  Given the importance of these subjects, they deserve a place on the congress programme. Therefore, this session offers a wide range of interesting papers. Time […]

24. The Limes Moesiae-Scythiae

24. The Limes Moesiae-Scythiae, dynamic landscapes and places Session Chairs: Jonathan Quiery & Matthew Previto Affiliation: Durham University, United Kingdom Affiliation of co-organiser: Stanford University, United States of America Session Abstract: The development of the Roman Limes Moesiae/Scythiae between the first and seventh centuries CE wrought profound alterations to the landscape of the lower Danube. […]

34. New Research Moesia

Phil Nemanja Mrđić Affiliation: Institute of Archaeology Time Presenter (s) Presentation 09.00 Introduction 09.20 Lucretiu Birliba The mobility of soldiers coming from rural milieu of Moesia Inferior: the alae and the cohortes 09.40 Nemanja Mrđić Legionary fortress at Viminacium and the Principia of the VII Claudia Legion 10.00 Piotr Zakrzewski What did and what did […]