Daily Recap

Our daily recap located in the Linderberg Cafe.

In memoriam – Valkhof Chapel

In memoriam – Valkhof kapel In memory of all the important people that the Limes community has lost in recent years, a moment of remembrance has been set up in the Valkhof Chapel. In the Valkhof chapel will be placed a tree where one can hang a photo or card in memory of the deceased. About […]

2. Organic Riches

2. Organic Riches. The impact of organic resources on Frontier research Wednesday, 24 August 2022, Yellow Room Session Chairs: Silke Lange & Carol van Driel-Murray Affiliation: BIAX Consult, the Netherlands Affiliation of co-organiser: Leiden University, the Netherlands Session Abstract: Although artefacts made of organic materials such as timber, leather and basketry have long attracted attention, […]

6. Feminists at the gates

6. Feminists at the gates. Frontier research by female academics Wednesday, 24 August 2022, Bleu Room Anna Walas Affiliation: University of Leicester, United Kingdom Session Abstract: Traditionally Roman frontier archaeology acquired a reputation as field led by brilliant men. Research by women has broadly tended to focus on ‘softer’ topics such as analysis of finds […]

14. New research along the Danube

14. New research along the Danube Dr. Stefan Traxler Affiliation: OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH   Time Presenter (s) Presentation 09.00 Gojko Tica Roman Military Camp from Vihire/St. Urh 09.20 Gerard Grabherr Military border control in the procuratorial province of Noricum 09.40 Barbara Kainrath The military hotspot at the Noric Limes can be located in Lauriacum/Enns and […]

33. General Session II

33. General Session II Session Chair: Dr. Tatiana Ivleva Session abstract: The general session will deal with subjects that do not fit into the other sessions because of the issues raised.  Given the importance of these subjects, they deserve a place on the congress programme. Therefore, this session offers a wide range of interesting papers. Time […]


9. FINES. The mechanisms and politics of frontier collapse, and the afterlife of frontier installations Wednesday, 24 August 2022, Red Room Rob Collins Affiliation: Newcastle University, United Kingdo Session Abstract: The realpolitik of the Western Roman Empire saw its fragmentation and collapse occur throughout the 5th century AD, with different processes of imperial shrinkage and […]

36. Germany

Clive Bridger Affiliation: retired, (formerly Amt fur Bodendenkmalpflege im Rheinland, Xanten) Time Presenter (s) Presentation 09.00 Clive Bridger Introduction 09.20 Sabine Hornung From Caesar to Late Antiquity – Landscape archaeological research in the vicinity of the Hermeskeil fortress (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) 09.40 Sebastian Gairhos The rediscovery of Augsburg-Oberhausen 10.00 Clive Bridger Strange things afoot. A group […]

21. Funeral at the frontier

21. Funeral at the frontier Session Chairs: Arjan Ruiter & Lourens van der Feijst Affiliation: ADC ArcheoProjecten, the Netherlands Affiliation of co-organiser: ADC ArcheoProjecten, the Netherlands Session Abstract: A small number of large and well published sites have dominated our idea of what a typical Roman burial is within specific regions. Recent research however, has increasingly […]

16. Dress and adornment

16. Dress and adornment in frontier communities Session Chairs: Ursula Rothe, Anique Hamelink, Dorothee Olthof & Philip Smither Afilliation: Open University, United Kingdom Afilliation co-organiser: University of Amsterdam the Netherlands Afilliation second co-organiser: PRAE (Prehistoric Re-enactment, Archaeology and Education), the Netherlands Affiliation third co-organiser: University of Kent/English Heritage, United Kingdom Session Abstract: This session explores […]