Welcoming Session

Time   08.30 Registration desk open 08.30-10.00 Welcoming coffee 10.00-12.00 Opening ceremony Chair: Jeroen van Zoolingen, Senior Archaeologist at the Municipality of The Hague 10.00-10.10 Harry van Enckevort, Chair of Scientific Committee of the 25th Limes Congress and Senior Archaeologist at the Municipality of Nijmegen – Welcome to the 25th Limes Congress 10.10-10.25 Rebecca Jones […]

In memoriam – Valkhof Chapel

In memoriam – Valkhof kapel In memory of all the important people that the Limes community has lost in recent years, a moment of remembrance has been set up in the Valkhof Chapel. In the Valkhof chapel will be placed a tree where one can hang a photo or card in memory of the deceased. About […]

22. Speaking of the dead

22. Speaking of the dead. Returning to funerary customs and grave goods from late Roman military burials Session Chairs: Vince Van Thienen & Sofie Vanhoutte Affiliation: Ghent University, Belgium Affiliation of co-organiser: Flanders Heritage Agency / Ghent University, Belgium Session Abstract: Fifty years after the publication of the late Roman graveyard at the Oudenburg fort […]

13. Childhood on the Roman frontiers

13. Childhood on the Roman frontiers Session Chair: Maureen Caroll Affiliation: University of York, United Kingdom Session Abstract: Recent studies on aspects of childhood in the Roman world have been reshaping the study of children in antiquity, especially in advocating interdisciplinarity to counterbalance the dominance of literary and documentary approaches towards illuminating children’s lives in […]

25. The military vicus

25. The military vicus. Everyday life in the vicinity of the forts Session Chairs: Julia Chorus & Monica Dütting Affiliation: Research group Roman vicus on the Rhine, the Netherlands Affiliation of co-organiser: Research group Roman vicus on the Rhine, the Netherlands Session Abstract: This session focuses on the rise, function, development and population of military […]

2. Organic Riches

2. Organic Riches. The impact of organic resources on Frontier research Wednesday, 24 August 2022, Yellow Room Session Chairs: Silke Lange & Carol van Driel-Murray Affiliation: BIAX Consult, the Netherlands Affiliation of co-organiser: Leiden University, the Netherlands Session Abstract: Although artefacts made of organic materials such as timber, leather and basketry have long attracted attention, […]

6. Feminists at the gates

6. Feminists at the gates. Frontier research by female academics Wednesday, 24 August 2022, Bleu Room Session Chair: Anna Walas Affiliation: University of Leicester, United Kingdom Session Abstract: Traditionally Roman frontier archaeology acquired a reputation as field led by brilliant men. Research by women has broadly tended to focus on ‘softer’ topics such as analysis […]


9. FINES. The mechanisms and politics of frontier collapse, and the afterlife of frontier installations Wednesday, 24 August 2022, Red Room Session Chair: Rob Collins Affiliation: Newcastle University, United Kingdom Session Abstract: The realpolitik of the Western Roman Empire saw its fragmentation and collapse occur throughout the 5th century AD, with different processes of imperial […]

21. Funeral at the frontier

21. Funeral at the frontier Session Chairs: Arjan Ruiter & Lourens van der Feijst Affiliation: ADC ArcheoProjecten, the Netherlands Affiliation of co-organiser: ADC ArcheoProjecten, the Netherlands Session Abstract: A small number of large and well published sites have dominated our idea of what a typical Roman burial is within specific regions. Recent research however, has increasingly […]

7. Managing the Romans

7. ‘Managing the Romans????’ Preservation, protection and community management of frontiers. Opportunities, challenges, and use of ‘citizen science’ Wednesday, 24 August 2022, Steigerzaal Session Chairs: Tessa de Groot, Daniel Poulet & Nigel Mills Affiliation: Cultural Heritage Agency, the Netherlands Affiliation of 1st co-organiser: Zsolnay Heritage Management Nonprofit Ltd., Hungary Affiliation of 2nd co-organiser: Nigel Mills Heritage, United […]